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Covid 19


Advice for visitors to Oxford Clock and Watch Repairs.



Updated 1st January  2022


We are continuing to see customers at the door for drop-off and collection by appointment.


To limit the number of visitors calling at one time we are asking our customers to make an appointment either online:

or by telephone:

01993 402388


We appreciate your understanding and hope you are all able to stay safe.

We are doing everything we can to ensure that we continue to provide you with the service that you need whilst prioritising the health of ourselves and our family.​


We are all aware of the ever changing Government guidelines with regard to the current pandemic and would ask visitors to understand that, not only are these premises the workshop, but it is also our home. Please, therefore, do not be offended if we ask you to remain outside during your visit.  In this way, we hope to keep both our valued customers and our families safe.

We ask that you work with us with the following:

  • Please contact us to make an appointment

  • We will not be inviting you indoors but we will place a table outside the door for you to leave or retrieve your item

  • Where possible we accept card payments or payment by BACs but we are now happy to have payment by cash

  • Social distancing will be ensured at all times and we have gloves, hand sanitiser and wipes to ensure cleanliness

  • Surfaces will be wiped before and after each visit

  • We regularly take lateral flow tests to ensure safety for us and our customers

  • Recently a few customers have requested to use our bathroom facilities – please note that this is our home so we are not able to invite you indoors, however public toilets are available in Woodstock, Eynsham and Witney.

Please note that we will not be making home visits unless your item is too large for you to transport.


If you are planning to visit us and in the last 14 days you have had any coronavirus symptoms or if you have been in close contact with anyone who has or is suspected to have coronavirus please follow the government advice and do not come to the workshop.​

We encourage all visitors to follow the NHS advice to help prevent the spread of the virus. 

We understand that you will also want to protect the welfare of your friends and family so we will try to answer your queries:

  • Call us on 01993 402388 or 07873 388734

  • Email us by clicking on the email links on each page of our website:

  • Talk to us via one of the online video services such as, Skype, Zoom, Teams or Facetime (contact details on request)​

Please email or telephone to see if your clock or watch repair is complete and you are welcome to collect your timepiece at a mutually agreeable time – your clock or watch is safe with us until you are able to collect it.


Please note, your pink receipt ticket states that: "No responsibility for repairs left over 3 months". Please be reassured that this is a generic repair receipt and your item will be safe with us until it is time for you to collect it.

We encourage all customers to follow the NHS advice to help prevent the spread of the virus. We are closely following advice from the government and Public Health England.

If you have any questions, please contact

Oxford Clock and Watch Repairs are dedicated to providing excellent services to our customers, and we are doing whatever it takes to ensure that you get the service and advice you have come to expect from us, even in these challenging times.

Many thanks

Neville Clark MBHI

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