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Watchmaker Workbench


Like most mechanical objects, your clock or watch will occasionally need servicing.

As a rough guide, you should have your clock or watch serviced every five years.



When we receive your clock or watch we will examine it and see if it does need a service.

When a clock or watch is serviced we:

○  Strip it down

○  Clean the parts

○  Check for any damaged or worn parts and repair or replace them as necessary

○  We then reassemble the parts

○  The timepiece is then oiled

○  Finally it is put on test

Only then are we happy for you to collect your item.

All servicing is guaranteed* – clock servicing is guaranteed for two years and watch servicing is guaranteed for one year

from the date of collection.

If you think your clock or watch needs a service, just contact us and bring it along and we'll take a look.

*Please note that we guarantee the service carried out on your item – any other, additional work not listed above is not covered under your guarantee.

Your guarantee will also be affected if a third party has worked on the item following the service carried out by Oxford Clock and Watch Repairs.

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